DIY Velvet Wrap Choker


There have been all kinds of chokers on the market lately and even I had a go at wearing one from Asos which unfortunately broke after only wearing it twice. Oh well, that’s what you get for spending £6 on jewellery. But I have also seen chokers which aren’t worth their weight in gold. If you follow me on snapchat (natashandlovu) you would have seen my DIY version of a $55 choker making the rounds with the Los Angeles crowd and I personally believe you can make yourself a similar one for way less. Unless the ends are dipped in solid gold, I don’t see why some of the chokers out there should cost you more than around $20.

In retaliation – and partially spurred on by my friends – I decided to make a wrap choker for myself and also show you how quick, easy and cheap it is to make one. Here is what you will need:


1.5 meters of velvet cord


A toothpick or small stick for spreading the glue


Gold-colored tips (or silver if you prefer)


Measure the velvet cord around your neck and cut it to a length that you desire if 1.5 meters is too long for you.


Using the toothpick, on a sheet of paper to protect your table, extract small amounts of glue to spread inside the gold tips.



Gently insert the velvet cord into the gold tip. You may need to use the clean side of the toothpick to push it in until it reaches the end.


While one end of the velvet cord is drying, repeat the previous steps with the other end.


Leave the gold tips and velvet cord to dry and stick together, according to the instructions on your glue.


Once your necklace is ready to wear, style it any way you want around your neck, preferably with a low v-neck top. Quick, easy and cheap but guaranteed to make you look like a million bucks !