Loco for the Coco


Just when you think there are enough coconut oil products out there for your skin, here comes Frank Body with their new Coconut Body Balm and Coconut Coffee Scrub. By now, you should already be familiar with my love for all things Frank Body, from the time I started using their original coffee scrub in the summer. Now that I’ve gone through several of their scrub varieties, their latest coconut one is, by far, my favourite.

Let’s not forget another important product that complements it – the body balm. Now, I’ve used pure coconut oil on my skin in the past, from a jar, but having it in a tube form like this is more convenient and less messy. Speaking of messy, it absorbs quickly into your skin (thanks to the jojoba oil it contains) so there’s little to no risk of you leaving any greasy residue on your furniture, your cat, but most importantly, your precious clothes !





*in collaboration with Frank Body