Ready for Spring

zimmermann Botanica Bralette Mini Dress

It has been a long time since I’ve added anything new to my wardrobe and now that Spring is officially here, it is time to add a pop of colour to it. Here, in the UK, places are slowly opening up in mid-April, so naturally, we want to start dressing up again. Goodbye sweatpants, hello dresses, pants and everything in between. Maybe this Zimmermann mini dress is a little too much for everyday errands, with the world’s current situation, but at least it will give people something to look at. No one is seeing much of my face these days anyway, when I leave the house. Add a shimmery purse to the look and this would be perfect for a garden party event but that is not happening anytime soon.


zimmermann Botanica Bralette Mini Dress

If pink and floral ( together or separate) are your thing, then have a look at these gorgeous dresses below. The great thing about floral dresses, for me, is that I can pick an array of color options in terms of bags and shoes to accessorise it with. Maybe you want to add more pink in the form of Amina Muaddi heels or you want to keep it simple with some black Manolo mules. Either way, make sure you finish it off with an eye-catching purse, like the one from Nannacay.