What to Pack For a Weekend Away

June has been a pretty good month, here in England, in terms of the weather. I am almost afraid July and August may bring not-so-great weather. But I’ll keep my fingers crossed and my eyes on the current online sales. I have two months of sunshine ahead of me and I figured the best way to have a good summer is to pack for a weekend away. I was thinking Paris one weekend, Ibiza some other time, or maybe stay in England and explore the countryside.

So far, I know that I will be going to Paris in July, so I have a few things that I plan on taking with me, the first being my Tumi carry on suitcase. I normally use my Away Travel carry-on, which has a built-in charger, but I’ll be giving it a break while I test out the Tumi. I already have a Chloe mini shoulder bag which will be perfect to put just the essentials in : a card holder, my hotel key, a lip & cheek balm and a little hand cream. After all, I won’t be bringing that much makeup on the trip to begin with, so all the usual junk I dump in my purse can stay in the hotel while I explore. Make sure to pack a pair of sneakers or flat shoes to make walking around the city easy on your feet.

That being said, I created a wish list of what to pack for a weekend away that you can put in a carry-on suitcase or weekend bag. There is nothing that kills vacation time like waiting for luggage at a busy carousel, or worse, no luggage coming out of the carousel ! So here is a list of what to pack when you are spending a weekend away at one of these types of destinations :