a crochet & neon combo

photos by Alberto Bringas
First off, I would like to thank Company Magazine for awarding me their Best Style Blog Award on Wednesday evening ! It is an honour and I appreciate it a lot, as well as those of you who voted for me.

Secondly, I would like to get down to showing you my crochet and neon combo which is today’s outfit. About a year ago, I asked my mother, who lives in South Africa, to send me a crochet dress for the summer. Being the busy mom she is, I ended up receiving it in the fall. Awesome. But, of course, she had to ask my grandmother in Zimbabwe to have it hand-made. Eventually, it made its way to me and this summer, I will bring it along to whatever exotic beach I am lucky to set foot on. It is perfect to wear over a bikini when you want to go for lunch to a resturant along the beach. And in the night time, just accesorise it with a neon statement necklace and/or pair of heels, like I did on this occasion.


And don’t forget, wherever you are, to just kick back and relax !

Zimbabwean crochet dress. Accesorize necklace. Primark sunglasses. Zara heels.