Balenciaga Cagole Boots

This summer, I finally got my hands on the long Balenciaga Cagole boots while shopping with a friend at Harvey Nichols. I had been eyeing them for sometime since they came out and wanted to see what variations they would make of these boots. Of course, they had the short ankle-length version, the neon green version and even a white version (perfect for the Balenciaga bride-to-be ). I went for the long black version, as I wanted boots that were functional all year round, plus black is always a safe color.

I have been wearing my cagole boots with long dresses since the start of autumn but I also want to pair them with short skirts and style them under denim jeans. The fashion girls have been opting for the short skirt or short dress combo but hopefully we will start to see some variety in how people will style them.