Bisous Natasha

Suits are still a foreign concept to me. I have owned blazers and my fair share of pants but the two of them together as a matching suit has never been something I could quite manage. A few reasons for this has either been because the quality was not good enough, the cut was not right, the lengths of the pants were off or the price was too high.

Even till today I am still looking for “the one”. But while I look, I create my own interpretation of a suit, or rather, an illusion of one. You would never know from this outfit that I am, in fact, wearing a flared jumpsuit instead of a pair of pants with a blazer. When you come closer, it is evident. I’m not the first person to wear a blazer over a jumpsuit but here I am, doing it my way.

Bisous Natasha

Rosie Fortescue

photos by Anna Sandul

Zara blazer / Asos jumpsuit / Zara bag