Gooseberry Intimates

Bisous NatashaLingerie is something not a lot of bloggers write about. Why? Is it because it is so intimate and personal? Yet I see major brands like Victoria’s Secret who have pretty much turned their underwear into some sort of pop culture phenomenon. Can lingerie even be considered a part of culture? I don’t know but my guess is, like many women out there, you have your own personal taste in bras and panties that don’t require pink, neon and glitter on them. I, for one, am very big on lace intimates. With little to no underwire inside my bras, I like to feel comfortable, rather than a stuffed turkey. These lace bras are my idea of sexy yet wearable. What styles do you like ?

gooseberry-intimates-lace-bra-3Bisous Natashagooseberry-intimates-lace-bra-5

photos by Anna Sandul

Gooseberry Intimates bra / Topshop jeans