How to be Parisian

how-to-be-parisian-1What is it about French women that makes them look so cool ? More specifically, Parisian women ? I lived in Paris where I attended École des Beaux-Arts for a year as an exchange student but at the time being chic was not on my mind. It was about surviving French culture, French food and most importantly, the language. Yes, I noticed young girls my age dressed a particular way but it’s like they didn’t give a damn. They were just that. Cool. Hair didn’t look like a Pantene commercial, more like they just got out of bed but it still looked good. Heck, all these years of travelling to Paris I can never understand French women and how they are raised but I guess reading How to be Parisian has been somewhat helpful. What do you guys think ? Have you read the book ?




how-to-be-parisian-5photos by Alberto Bringas

Vintage Levi’s jacket. H&M t-shirt. Topshop trousers. SuperTrash heels. Chanel bag