How to Organize your Makeup

I am a very organised person when it comes to clothes and shoes, but I also make sure to keep my cosmetics neat and tidy. I used to put everything in a makeup bag, but when I couldn’t find an eyeliner or brush, I would end up dumping the contents on the floor, which is not a good thing to do. So one day I discovered that acrylic boxes could be used for not just stationery, but for beauty products too, like these.
I like to organize my makeup by placing products I use the most at the top, and those I use the least at the bottom. For instance, my foundations and concealers are placed in this top section, along with mascaras and eyeliners and brushes.
The following compartment consists of all my eyeshadows. I don’t have many, but the few palettes I have are more than enough for me.
Next are my lipsticks and lip glosses. I try to keep brands next to one another. I’d hate for a Nars lipstick to be stuck on his own among Macs. Lol !
I then place blushes and powders in the following shelf. You can see I have a lot of NARs products, mainly because some of them are samples that they gave me when I purchased stuff from them.
The bottom shelf is for the miscellaneous things such as false eyelashes (which I struggle putting on by the way), sharperners, eyelash glue, etc.
As you can see, it is easy to spot what shelf contains which products from the side.
I forgot to mention that my acrylic storage boxes are from Muji and come in different varieties which you can stack together whichever way you want. As you can see below, this is a set of three :
I bought two sets of 2 narrow drawers, but you can buy a complete one which has 5 drawers.
The compartment on top for my brushes and foundation has removable sections that allow you to place wider items, such as a bottle of makeup remover, if you wish.
And here is what the boxes look like stacked together, without any makeup products placed inside. I hope you can see the picture, as it was difficult to capture such a transparent object.
Muji acrylic boxes.
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