instagram catchup

It’s been a while since I did an Instagram catchup and I wanted to share with you some recent photos from my instagram account @natashandlovu.
I love my new Yellow Lemon Bandeau bikini. It has such a retro 50s look, I would probably spend more time posing than swimming in it. I also love the current UK edition of InStyle magazine. Zoe Saldana is such a stunner, isn’t she ?
I also bought this Neon Bling necklace which will go well with beachwear or even a low-cut white summer shirt. I have ‘invested’ in Topshop sunglasses, or as I like to call them, the poor man’s Raybans. These are the sunglasses that I don’t mind losing at the beach or at a festival.
My good friend Makele came to visit me from Toronto for 10 days, and we practically spent a third of the time at shisha bars. She grew up in Tunisia, so naturally she is a pro !
Seeing as the weather has been lovely to London, we took advantage and went to Hyde Park on one day, and even took a stroll along Regent’s Canal on the following day.
I even managed to do a bathroom selfie at a friend’s barbeque. I’m such an instagram whore, LOL !
Of course, I could not resist the latest British Vogue featuring Her Fashion Majesty Kate Moss. I honestly could care less for the content, I just really love the Briggite Bardot look they gave her.
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