Jumpsuits under $100 for Summer 2018

July marks the beginning of the second half of the year. Everyone is now officially in summer holiday mode, myself included. I recently bought a jumpsuit from Asos and it made me realise how perfect jumpsuits are for the summer. So, I thought, how about I show you a couple of jumpsuits under $100 for Summer 2018 that you would love ? A lot of these, that I chose, are perfect for a day-t0-night transition.


I typically wear black a lot, even in the summer. Black is a safe colour for anybody and any situation – weddings included, nowadays.  I do own a white jumpsuit but that one is more formal, despite being a day-to-night time look. A less formal white jumpsuit, like this cotton one from Free People, would have more use in your wardrobe.

The secret to making a jumpsuit work for you for several occasions are the shoes and accessories. During the day, style your jumpsuit with a pair of flat sandals and a straw bag for a boho-chic look.  A pair of sneakers could also work, depending on the jumpsuit. In the evening, wear a pair of heels (black or gold), carry a clutch and wear a pair of stand-out earrings. If your hair is going to be down and you opt for a strapless jumpsuit, go for a necklace instead.

You can always go to my Fashion page for more accessories, shoes and bags that would be great with a jumpsuit in the summer. In the end, it is about dressing appropriately for the occasion, be it day time or night time. Jumpsuits are fuss free and shouldn’t cost a fortune, in my opinion. Just be aware of the length you choose, depending on your height, how it sits on your body and how well you move in it.