London Fashion Week ss15


London Fashion Week for me is that time of the year where I get to see all the bloggers, photographers, editors and PR girls in 3D. Sounds silly but have you ever communicated with someone via social media or email and wondered what they look and sound like in real life ? You know that awkward moment when someone says hi to you and you say “Oh hi … [wait for her to say her name] ”  Yeah, we’ve all been there. But thank God for this time of year because when you spend hours in a virtual world of blogging and instagraming, you really need that human touch.

So far, seeing shows like Sibling with a friend has been fun for a Saturday afternoon, but I am gearing up for the TopShop Unique show which I have been looking forward to for ages. You will get a sneak peek of my outfit that I picked from TopShop on my instagram page tomorrow, so for now I leave you with this simple black-and-white look I went for on day one of the shows.




 photos : Marie Simonova

Topshop sweatshirt. Asos shorts. Chanel bag. Office shoes.