Shirts That You Should be Wearing Now


Not too long ago, adding a shirt to my shopping cart would have been the last thing I would have done, considering I haven’t had use for one since my primary school days in Zimbabwe. I’ve always found them to be unflattering on women in general, until recently when I came across street style photos of people wearing their shirt backwards or tying it in an off-the-shoulder manner or how about the popular bell sleeve shirt that was all over fashion week last September? It’s fair to say I have been converted. Now, if only Ellery could make this Delores off-the-shoulder top in red so I can have an excuse to click “add to cart”. But if blues and white are more your thing, scroll down below to shop the selection which I think you should be wearing this season.



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Photography- Alique / Styling – Morgan Pilcher / Model – Aymeline Valade