vintage emporium cafe

photos by Sarah & myself 
Surprise ! You didn’t think you would catch me in east London now did you? I took a break from the picturesque streets of Notting Hill to catch up with Sarah of Frambroise Fashion. We took a stroll down Brick Lane, looking for a place to grab a bite. Along the way, we saw the usual suspects. Brace yourselves, I uploaded more than 5 images ! I did this out kindness for those of you unfamiliar with the area, although it is a rather compressed version of a long and jam-packed street.
Along the way, we saw people carrying plants from Columbia Road Flower Market. We were meant to go there but unfortunately Sarah had an appoinment she couldn’t miss.
We chose Vintage Emporium Cafe as our spot for some coffee and people watching. Here we have Sarah & Kim Jong Un having a dance off !
This place is amaze-balls (if anyone still says that) ! Everything from the chairs, ornaments and waiters look like something out of a movie.
We sat down for some hot chocolate and an iced latte and chatted about things bloggers like to talk about – you know, camera lenses, not knowing the right angle to shoot your food from, etc.
Downstairs is the vintage shop which has the best clothes from between the 1920s to 1950s. The sales assistant even told us that the TV series Downton Abbey has bought some dresses from them. Ok then, I guess I know where to come to for costumes in the future !
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