Vintage-inspired Sunglasses

vintage sunglasses gucci

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have already seen my vintage sunglasses edit that I did on my stories. One thing I love about summer is that you can be more experimental with your sunglasses. They can be pink, ridiculously huge or embellished and no one will care because they are most likely on their fourth mimosa, taking in the sun. The crazier, the cooler, in my opinion. But not everyone wants to look like Elton John on stage. Some people like their classic black sunglasses or a cool cat-eye shape. Whichever style you are after, I have popped a selection for you down below:

Elton John Style

grace jones sunglasses

Known more for her hair and chiselled face than her sunglasses, I would still say Grace Jones is an icon of black sunglasses – the square shape in particular. Hers tended to be on the slimmer side, but she could have just as easily rocked an oversized cat-eye shape just as gracefully. No pun intended. Here are some of my favourites inspired by her below:

Grace Jones Style

princess Diana sunglasses

Although I was a kid when Princess Diana was alive, I still look back at her style because it reminds me of how my mother used to dress, minus the designer labels, of course. I never knew she wore a cool selection of sunglasses, as we all know her for the cycling shorts and dad sneakers combo. But after seeing this and many other photos of her in sunglasses, I figured I needed to give aviator sunglasses another chance, no matter how quirky they make look on someone’s face. Here are some inspired by Princess Diana below:

Princess Diana Style