Blame it on Jane Birkin


I remember roughly two years ago I was looking at images of Jane Birkin on the internet and came across this photo below. I was actually searching for her basket bag but was immediately captured by the fur coat she was wearing. And her awesome bangs. And the awesome pink box which probably had awesome French croissants inside. I know some of you are not into wearing fur, I respect your point of view, but if you have been following me since I gave birth to this blog, you will remember that I bought a vintage fur coat in New York nearly two years ago, inspired by this very photo.  So yeah, like it, don’t like it, report me to PETA, whatever – to each his own parce que je m’en fous !

Jane Birkin Directed by Pierre Grimblat






photos by Alberto Bringas

Vintage fur coat. Asos leggings. Jimmy Choo boots. Zara bag.