Dior Cherie Bow Inspired Look

In my quest to try another self-portrait, I came across the Dior Cherie Bow ad campaign a few days ago and loved the simplicity of the makeup and overall composition of the image. I guess the black, satin ribbon is what caught my attention the most. So, as someone who thinks a lot about what these glossy fashion advertisements mean to consumers, I thought I would recreate the look and ask you, dear readers, what you think of this concept ?

Here is the Dior Cherie Bow ad campaign that was the inspiration behind the self-portrait :

I used the following products in order to acheive the final result, none of which were Dior. Ha !

For my eyes, I used YSL’s Pure Chromatics 4 Ombres #7

I struggled with Katy Perry’s massive ‘Oh My’ eyelashes. My own lashes are super curly and pretty much go into battle mode with any false lashes that come near them

I used two eyeliners to mask my somewhat ok attempt at these lashes. I started with Maybelline’s Lasting Drama gel eyeliner and went on top with Chanel’s Ligne Extreme liquid eyeliner

On my lips I used Mac’s ‘Girl about Town’ which is a lovely shade of pink

I had a string of black ribbon that I once purchased from a haberdashery shop in Soho, which I then decided to decorate with a rose. But since it was difficult for me to clip the rose onto the ribbon, I opted for my H&M earring which I tucked into the knot.

So there you have it ! If ever one of your false eyelashes falls off during a night out, remember this Dior ad campaign and strike a pose !