how to wear mom jeans

photos by Alberto Bringas
This isn’t exactly a tutorial on how to look like your mom, on a Saturday morning, coming to cheer you on as you play sports. It’s more of a how to make your derrière look somewhat attractive in those mom jeans in case you are going to watch someone play sports, or in my case, participate in everyday life activities. So, here is my interpretation of spicing up high waist, washed out jeans that are traditionally reserved for women who have given birth to one or more miniature versions of themselves.

And who knew that they give you the ability to jump like a Russian prima ballerina ?

Stand in front of a yellow background if you don’t want to draw attention to your mom jeans. Bright colors are distracting, you know.

Or opt for some eye-catching accesories if there are no yellow walls nearby.
Topshop jacket. H&M jumper. American Apparel jeans. Zara bag. Christian Louboutin heels.