Instagram Catchup

If you follow me on instagram @natashandlovu , you will notice that recently I got a hair cut ! A lot of you loved it and I am happy with it as well. But let’s backtrack to a couple of days before this:
 I did a shoot for Marie Claire, in the freezing cold, on a rooftop, from 8am until 5pm, shooting some amazing accesories, one of which was a super pricey Bulgari serpenti watch.
The exposure to the cold was the beginning of the sore throat, runny nose , headache and sneezing epidemic. I tried to drink some lemon tea, which helped a bit but not much.
Spending time taking street-style photos outside London Fashion Week shows didn’t help my flu much.
My birthday rolled in on the 18th, so I treated myself to a pair of sky-high heels !
I also purchased some reading material ; mostly Spring/Summer 13 runway looks and Russian Vogue.
And yeah, there was also the Canon g15 that I have had my eye on for a while.
I have already used it to film some jewelry for a video that I will upload on my Youtube channel.
And now that we are apparently about to transition into spring (I highly doubt it with this weather), I have decided to do some spring cleaning of my own and sell unwated items on Shop Bisous Natasha !
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