DIY Chanel No 5 t-shirt

I promised another DIY for you and here is one you can try at home for yourself, a sibling, friend or better yet, for a cool music festival you will be attending this summer ! If you remember the first Chanel DIY, I based it on the double C logo of the brand. For this one, my focus is on their iconic No5 frangrance. I made it look like a pencil drawing, so it is up to you how detailed or neat you want your version to be.
Here is what you will need : 
  • A plain white t-shirt (mine is from H&M)
  • A printed out illustration of the Chanel No.5 perfume bottle
  • Yellow fabric paint (black is optional)
  • A fine point fabric/textile marker
  • A paintbrush
  • An exacto knife or scissors
On a hard surface (or old book) cut out the print using an exacto knife or scissors
Place the cut-out where you want the drawing to be on the t-shirt. Use tape to hold it down when you start tracing around the edges
I suggest using a pencil first, to avoid any mistakes, but if you are confident, use the fabric marker
When the exterior is outlined, you now have to sketch the interior of the bottle. If you suck at drawing, don’t worry ! Just try. Have you seen some of stuff they call art and sell for millions these days ?!
Don’t forget to use a pencil first for the small text and shapes, and after go over with the fabric pen. When that is done, you are now ready to paint your first layer of yellow paint with the brush
You will need to paint 2 – 3 layers to acheive a bright, solid color. Wait aprroximately 10 minutes between each layer for the fabric paint to dry.
When your image is dry, iron the it from the front, through a thin cloth, at the heat setting for cotton, for 3 minutes.
Et voila ! Now book those tickets to whatever festival you had in mind. Don’t forget to share your DIYs with me on Instagram . Just tag me @natashandlovu so I can see what you did !