Get your body bikini ready

Exercise gear is still fashionble, right ? At least the footwear is, in my opinion. I thought I would find an excuse to show off my Nike Free 5.0, but actually this is also a great opportunity to share with you my plan to get my body bikini ready.
I run most of the time, but lately I have realised the importance of strength-training and toning one’s body. I have also started a healthy eating plan, which I am ‘testing out’ before sharing it with you. Every one of us has a different body shape and are different in size, so it is important to set your own goals in eating and exercising healthily.
Since I am not keen on joining the gym, I bought myself a yoga exercise mat, which I use to do lunges and other exercises that target my abs, butt, etc. I have been looking at instruction videos on Youtube as guidance.
What’s most important is to have fun when you exercise. I mean, just look at my kick-ass work out moves !
And after the Facebook / Instagram vote the other  day, I went with the bluish-purple Nike Free 5.0. Thanks !
I have pinned some recipes, exercises and motivational images on my new Fitness First Pin Board. Check it out and let me know your pinterest names below.
American Apparel hoodie. Nike pants, sneakers & tshirt
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