Let’s talk leather

Let’s talk leather leggings. I know they are nothing new, but good God, trying to find a pair that fits and doesn’t break the budget is damn near impossible. I know there are hundreds out there on the high-street but some of them barely cover your ankles, have a long crotch or are made for girls with a pancake butt. Yes, I may be skinny but that booty is still there. I used to own this Topshop pair until I had the bright idea of wearing them to the Lion Park in South Africa. Lions and leather do not mix. They were never reproduced, so I have not worn leather pants until now, and these are from H&M. Other than that, I am getting bored of being in London and really need a change of scenery.

H&M hat. Zara blazer. River Island jumper. H&M leggings. Carvela boots. Chanel bag