Life is a Beach


I plan on giving Bo Derek a run for her money this summer by showing her how corn rows and a one piece should have been done in the film 10. The only reason why I even watched that film was for the scene where she’s running down the beach in slow motion. That was pretty much the highlight of the film for me, as the rest was meh. But we are not here to review films, rather to be inspired by an icon or two on how to “get the look”.

‘The Body’ aka Elle Macpherson still looks banging for her age (50) but in this photo she must have been in her 20’s. Now I know some people hate these high crotch swimsuits from the 80s but I just can’t get enough of them. I own one and I’ll admit sometimes it gives me a vedgie but I still love them. I feel like I’m in Baywatch, but instead of a red one piece, I’m wearing a chic black version.