modeling: Photoshoot

To pick up from where we left off, on my previous post about modeling, I would like to share with you the fun part about my job, which of course, is taking amazing pictures in amazing clothes.

This photoshoot took place in December, somewhere in south-east London, and some of you have probably seen the backstage photos on my Instagram from a while back. On the day, we shot two editorials and this is the first one in which I am wearing clothes designed by House of Adjeiwaah. I wore a short wig with a fringe and had bright yellow eyeshadow, which complemented the clothes. I hope you recognize me in these pictures because my little brother never believes that it’s me under all that makeup and I always have to point to my name at the bottom of the page to prove my point. Then again, can you blame a 10 year old who is more interested in playstation than fashion?
Photography by Michael Stuart Daley. Clothes by House of Adjeiwaah