modeling : castings

Part of my job as a model is to go to castings, when I am not working. It involves running up and down London, carrying a heavy portfolio of my pictures to show to clients, and waiting in long queues with other models – in simpler terms, the Hunger Games.

Let me explain to those of you who are interested in modeling or know of someone who does this line of work. It is as if there are 12 modeling agencies of London, sending out a select number of competitors, who on their journeys, arm themselves with deadly 6 inch heels and deadlier death stares towards their competitors – aka. the tall, skinny bitches from the other districts. Bows and arrows are forbidden, so long nails and heels are the weapon of choice in the very rare occurence of a bloodbath.
And through all the running around London, trying on jeans made to fit an 8 year old, and lining up with 107 other girls after the same job, there are good things about modeling, like meeting new people, traveling and working with amazing fashion brands. So to those of you who want to partake, wear head-to-toe black and …
“May the odds be ever in your favor “

photos: Ian Beatty
Topshop jacket. Naledi jumper. Zara leggings. Asos boots. Urban Outfitters backpack. BexRox ring