DIY Chanel t shirt

As promised on Instagram, I will be showing you how I made my DIY Chanel tshirt. This is something I started doing during the Christmas holidays when I was bored, after seeing other people’s DIY versions. I shot self-portraits of the tshirt in black-and-white, taking inspiration from Karl Lagerfeld’s The Little Black Jacket series. My jackets are Zara but hey, who says you can’t make high-street look high-end?

You will need the following :
  • A plain white tshirt ( I bought mine at H&M)
  • Fabric paint in black
  • 0.5 – 1 m length of lace trim
  • A brush
  • An exacto knife
  • Black permanent marker
  • A print out of the Double C logos on A4 paper
  • Fabric glue or needle & thread, depending on how you want to attach your lace trim to the shirt
Print out the Double C logos onto A4 paper and using the exacto knife, on top of a board (or old book you don’t mind scratching), carefully cut out the black letters.
You can play with where you want to position them on the tshirt, but ultimately, you will be using the negative cutout to trace onto the tshirt, so don’t lose the center oval piece !

Make sure to tape the corners of the A4 sheet of paper, to help keep it from moving.

Using the permanent marker, trace the intertwining Cs as neatly as possible. Hold the edges as you go.
Once done tracing, take the tape off the edges of the paper and remove to reveal your traced logo.
Paint in the logo using fabric paint and a brush. I suggest up to 4 coats of paint, especially if you plan on leaving it as is, without adding lace trim on top. Wait approximately 10 minutes between each layer for the paint to dry before adding on another layer.
Iron the logo from the front, through a thin cloth, at the heat setting for cotton, for 3 minutes.
Take the lace trim, or whatever style trim you choose, and position it where you want over the logo. I chose this type of lace trim to make it look like a type of creepy crawly black plant engulfing the letters.
If you are going to use fabric glue, follow the instructions on the tube. I have done this DIY twice and this time opted to sew in the trimming, because the fabric glue I used the first time around was sensitive to hot water when I machine washed it. This is, afterall, a delicate material so take care in either hand-washing it or using a gentle cold cycle.
Good luck !