Number 86 tee

photos by Alberto Bringas

There are lots of varsity numbers going around in shops this summer and I have clearly made my choice with this long number 86 tee which practically doubles as a dress. When the sun came out, I decided to keep the look simple with a dash of gold jewelry, but also wear some shorts underneath because frankly, there is still a bit of a breeze going on. I saw the black version of it, which I think I might get, as back up for a night out. How perfect is this for a transition from lunch at the park to dancing at The Box ?

Don’t let these Gogo Philip earrings fool you. They can feel a bit heavy for first-time users, but you get the hang of them (no pun intended) quite quickly ! On my lips is MAC Russian Red.

Gogo Philip earrings. Topshop t-shirt. Urban Outfitters shorts. Zara heels. Chanel bag. Michael Kors watch.