These NEED to be in your AW16 closet !


Fall, my favourite season, is finally here and while the leaves go down and Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte signs go up, your fingers should be clicking on these amazing items that should be in your closet asap ! Here’s a selection of the bags, boots, coats and accessories you can’t live without this season. Let’s start with bags, shall we?




From bags to my second favourite B word … I’m talking boots ! Not one to scrimp on a nice, comfortable and durable pair, here are a few boots that range from affordable to “these will be practically worth millions when they become vintage” designer boots.



Let’s not forget the most important thing in your fall/winter closet is your coat, which needs to shield as much of you as possible from the cold but still look stylish. Underneath that, you can also add a lovely cable knit jumper, with the cream-colored ones being a personal favourite of mine.



Hats off to those of you who can pull off a hat (no pun intended) because I am of the tribe who have to wear a size L and many a time, that size is unavailable or with certain hats looks like a space ship has landed on my head. But these should do everyone justice, myself included.