This is not a Canadian Tuxedo

photos by Alberto Bringas

I don’t know what this is because even though it’s double denim, it does not qualify as a Canadian tuxedo. There is something midwest prairie about the skirt, yet the top saves me from looking like my middle school Social Studies teacher who was from the midwest and wore full-length denim skirts and buttoned up shirts, on top of carrying a massive mobile phone which she must have had since before we were born. Yeah, let me not go into her hairstyle.
So I found this skirt and bustier at H&M the other day and decided to give this look a go. Maybe at some point I will pair the top with jeans to give a Balmain-ish look or use the skirt as a picnic blanket ; either way I will get my money’s worth out of this.

H&M top & skirt. Gogo Philips earrings. Supertrash heels. Chanel bag