Boodles Diamonds & Pancakes Breakfast

photos by Alberto Bringas

It’s not everyday that I get to eat pancakes decked in £1.5 million pounds worth of jewelry. So when we were invited by Boodles to a Diamonds and Pancakes breakfast at The Wolseley yesterday, naturally, I said yes ! If you are not already familiar with Boodles they are a British brand that specializes in fine jewelry. Although I’m not at a stage in my life where I can afford jewelry in the thousands of pounds, I do keep my eye on what’s out there. When I lived in Chelsea, I used to walk down Bond Street in order to take a scenic bus route from Picadilly to my house and I frequently passed Boodles, amongst other jewelry brands, admiring all their shiny, beautiful peices. Until that day comes, I shall cherish moments like these when a girl gets to spend an hour or two with her best friend – diamonds of course !

Cutler & Gross sunglasses. Topshop jacket. Asos blouse. American Apparel jeans. Zara boots. Chanel bag