Straight out of the plane from Ghana and with only 72 hours in London, I was already packing for Ibiza. Four glorious days were spent exploring the island and shooting for Missguided, along with sunbathing and partying until 6am in the morning. It’s true what they say about how late the Spanish stay out. Call me a grandma but I love my sleep too much to be doing early morning club exits on a regular basis. That being said, the trip was fun and bonding with the other bloggers was an experience I will never forget. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen the controversy surrounding my naturally skinny body on Missguided’s Instagram page which made me wonder why there are women out there who think it is ok to body shame? Look, I am a model, so I am used to clients scrutinising my body and I have built a thick skin because of it but when you go on social media, sometimes you often have to laugh at how ignorant some people out there are. There are women’s comments on social media which are far worse than what people in the fashion industry say, no joke. But, hey, I’m not bothered because opinions don’t pay my rent. I love my body, you should love yours too. Peace and love !






photos by Monikh