Matryoshka Minimal


My love for all things Russian tends to revolve around vodka, caviar, fur and having a resting bitch face that says “don’t mess with me, I’ve been through some shit during the Soviet Union”. Granted, the first time I set foot in Russia was way after the collapse of the Soviet Union but someone please give me a medal of bravery for enduring their winters. And speaking of winter, despite wearing this super warm Monki faux fur jacket, I was silly enough to wear open-toe sandals while I was in Paris, so naturally it got in through my bones. But I can’t complain. I am always warm in this jacket and I can literally wear just a t-shirt underneath with leggings when I go to castings. It is like a blanket and one which is almost sound proof, you know, like those noise-cancelling headphones, except warm and fuzzy.





 photos by Alberto Bringas

Monki faux fur jacket. Asos leggings. Zara boots. Chanel bag


* And congrats to Musiwashe Chivandikwa for winning the Kingsman Collection Giveaway*