How ready is your summer body ? Or should I be asking, have you begun work on your summer body ? You won’t believe the amount of bikinis I have accumulated recently and I am just staring at them (or rather the photoshopped models wearing them) thinking ‘it’s time to put down the Sainsbury’s biscuits’. Don’t get me wrong, I may be skinny but I am not 100% fit. I do not have the solid, hard and flat stomach that I drool over in photos on Instagram and Tumblr. I have this body and right now it spends most of its time in front of a laptop doing work and editing images. I occasionally take it for a run but it loves tiramisu more.

I can only hope the heat and humidity in Ghana this week will act as some kind of fat-burning sauna because exercise will be the last thing on my mind. I’m sure there will be healthier food options and less genetically modified junk, so for now, the only sports attire you will see me in isn’t necessarily for the gym. If you watched my black & white look book on Youtube, you will have seen this look from StyleStalker. This pretty much wraps up the end of my looks from that video. If you haven’t seen earlier ones, go to my Outfit section of the blog for more.





Stylestalker bralette / Stylestalker shorts / Asos mesh backpack

photos by David Nyanzi