The JetSet Diaries


When people call someone a jet setter, do they think that person’s life involves always flying first class, staying in the best hotels or even just having the luxury of booking a trip at a moment’s notice ? I know with my line of work as a model and blogger I have the flexibility to travel more so than my friends whose office jobs dictate how many holidays per year they can take. But hey, weekend escapes are just as important !

Now that my trip to Ghana for my friend’s wedding is closer than ever ( I leave Wednesday morning), I have been excitedly getting my itinerary together, figuring out what to wear and most importantly, making sure I have my malaria tablets and vaccines in order. If there is one dress I am excited to take with me it is this Golden Rose Maxi Dress. I heard that it is hot and humid in Ghana, so this should be fine. Of course, I don’t want to upstage the bride, so this is not going to be my wedding outfit. I have something else in mind … something blue.




photo by David Nyanzi

Golden Rose maxi dress / H&M bag / Primark sandals