A Change in Direction


During the past month, a few things in my life have changed. I moved out of an apartment I had lived in for two years, whose atmosphere I was no longer enjoying. It was an environment that was not helping me to create the kind of content I wanted to and felt more like a prison than a sanctuary. I have been staying with a friend because I will be travelling to South Africa towards the end of this month to see my family, so naturally, I did not want to start renting a new place right away. I am giving myself this time to have a look around London and be more selective of where I want to plant my roots.

I have also had many good things come my way. I recently joined Storm Models under their Vision board. I cannot tell you how long and hard I worked towards this. Being a model, my career path was never in my hands and what made it worse was being managed by people who couldn’t give two shits about you or what you wanted in life. Good riddance bad rubbish is all I can say. I can finally pat myself on the back now that I am being represented by a team who want the best for me and will push for me to get the best of what is out there. I’ve already got some amazing opportunities lined up in September, yay!

When I was in Paris, last week, I was having drinks with a friend and we were talking about fashion and social media – what people post and how they present themselves to their followers, etc. It had me thinking about the times when I have been afraid to put out certain content because I allowed myself to be pushed into a certain direction to please or pique the interest of the masses. There is content I wanted to post which I thought people would find too boring, too sexual or too avant-garde for their taste. But honestly I could care less about that now. I’m all about posting the things that I feel best express who I am. I’m not here to be a cookie cut commercial image of what popular blogging should be. I just want to start creating content for myself again and attract those who want to be a part of it.

Lastly, I would like to say that I recently woke up to a lovely surprise which I never thought would happen for me at this point in the game. Bloglovin’ have nominated me for an award under the category of Best Personal Style for 2016 and I am very honoured to be nominated amongst a group of incredibly stylish women. I would appreciate your support if you could vote for me. You can do so, once, on a daily basis. It would mean the world to me !

natasha ndlovu

natasha ndlovu

natasha ndlovu

natasha ndlovu

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photos : Anna Sandul

Denim dress / Ankle boots / Leather jacket