November Favorites

It is that time of the month again where I list my favorites and seeing as it is holiday season, I thought I would give you an outfit that may inspire some of you this Thanksgiving leading up to Christmas. When you think of Christmas, you most definitely think of dresses and skirts, don’t you ? Well, I think you can still go for a masculine inspired look but maintain your femininity with accesories, or a lovely hair style. I personally am more a fan of pants in the winter than skirts because, well duh, they are warmer and give you more freedom for whatever crazy dance moves you plan on showing people on the dance floor.
I have seen a lot of trends in magazines and online for the holiday season for practically every top destination in the world where you could possibly be celebrating this season, and I must say I have been inspired to do the same for you guys since you come from different parts of the world where it may not necessarily be snowing in December. I thought I would find a new trend from Zalando for you guys and this Set gold blazer caught my eye. So, I made an outfit based on metallic colors mixed with black and voila an outfit for the holidays !
Set blazer. Vero Moda jeans. Buffalo boots. ZAC Zac Posen clutch. Ciate nail polish. Ilya necklace. Laura Mercier eye shadow